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MR angiorpgphy. [MRA] is presented. A technique for the uniform excitation of multiple-quantum coherence is described. Excitation. Coefficient. Array antenna is divided into uniform amplitude and nonuniform amplitude. J Magn Reson. 2002 Mar;155(1):131-9. Adjustable, broadband, selective excitation with uniform phase. Cano KE(1), Smith MA, Shaka AJ. Author information. CO2 laser with a previously proposed waveguide structure and a uniform transverse but horizontal (parallel to the waveguide surface) excitation is reported.

An advance in the problem of achieving broadband, selective, and uniform-phase excitation in NMR spectroscopy of liquids is outlined. Пользователь Евгений задал вопрос в категории Темы для взрослых и получил на него 2 ответа. Ionization, excitation, and chemical reaction in uniform electric fields I―The Townsend coefficient of ionization. K. G. Emeléus, R. Winstanley Lunt, C. A. Meek. Abstract.

Using the perturbation method, the motion of an electron in a perturbed longitudinal plasma wave is studied. Moreover, if such periodic solutions exist, they essentially depend not only on the excitation frequency, but also on the amplitude of the excitation. Excitation (PE), a concept well known in the adaptive control and systems identification literature. We have studied the heat capacity of pressurized 4He confined in the honeycomb structure of a nanometer-size uniform straight channel at low temperature.

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